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SACRED SPACES - Ancient Secrets of Protecting and Clearing Your Home

Do you feel drained after the recent global events…. elections, the pandemic, homeschooling, quarantining…..shall I say more?? 

In this advanced workshop, you will learn how to decipher all the energies around you utilizing all of your senses. You will learn the ancient secrets of protecting, clearing, and blessing your home and environment.

We will explore the following:

    • Are you an empath?
    • What is energy?
    • What is the importance of grounding?
    • What is negative energy and your personal space?
    • What is your auric field and how to clear away toxic energies?
    • Step by Step methods of how to clear your space
    • What techniques can you use to balance and protect your aura and chakras?
    • How can you make your own protection & manifestation crystal grid for your home

What People Are Saying:

I really loved this masterclass and would recommend this to anyone who is ready to create the next chapter of their life. I am an artist and entrepreneur and during the pandemic it was challenging for me to create efficiently. Right after the class, I was able to put everything I learned into practice and saw with my own eyes how the energy cleared up in my home and work studio. After practicing and doing the step by step method that Janet teaches you, you can feel the results right away. Thanks to this masterclass, I could create with confidence a creative and zen space for the work that I love.


Janet's Masterclass on Space Clearing has helped me out tremendously. Before this class, I was saging my home on my own thinking I was removing energies and was wondering why I kept on repeating the same patterns and I felt stuck. Learning the proper ways to effectively clear has really changed the energy of my home. My business and finances have improved and on a personal level, I am finally in a healthy and loving relationship. Janet teaches with so much passion and breaks down esoteric knowledge into terms where anyone could relate and understand. I highly recommend this class for anyone who is ready to take the next steps of their lives. It's an eye-opener and life changing. Thank you Janet!