Chromotherapy - Healing utilizing Color + Frequency

Are you attracted to specific colors + foods depending on what’s going on in your life, when you are sad, when you're angry, happy?

Has your favorite color changed since childhood?

Do you experience mood swings as the seasons change?

Are you drawn to specific colors based on how you’re feeling?

Every single person has a specific aura, color, and sound frequency associated with their soul.  

In our original blueprint, we possess a LIGHT frequency that is equivalent to a specific color. When it is clear and balanced we feel amazing, full of energy and our manifesting abilities are on point. Situations just flow, serendipitous events connect and add to the positive experiences of our soul.

When we experience brain fog, lack of clarity, or a lack of motivation, most likely, our aura + inner energy field has been coated with subconscious or conscious thoughts that are obscuring our vibrant auric color.

Join me for this long awaited interactive online workshop to learn all about the energy of light, frequency, and color! You will be able to use color to balance what you are going through and begin manifesting your soul’s destiny with greater confidence.

You will learn:

  • How to unlock the code of success, happiness, love, and wealth utilizing the frequency of colors.

  • To interpret colors so you can enhance your life, your home, finances, relationships, and your destiny!

  • Specific color visualization techniques to uplift your auric field so you can attract what your soul desires.

  • How to balance your mental, spiritual, and emotional field using colors so you can be aligned with your true essence.

  • How to decorate your space with “your” color to uplift the vibes in your space and  create what your heart truly desires

  • The specific crystals, essential oils and sound frequencies that are needed to be aligned with your soul’s blueprint.

  • How to shift your consciousness using color so you can feel energized and inspired all day!

  • Learn visualization + energy activation techniques that will balance and clear your beautiful colored auric field.

This workshop will be so much fun, you will learn so much and I can NOT wait to see how you begin utilizing and reading the frequencies all around you. These subliminal messages from the color world has been influencing us since birth. Marketing, clothing, holidays, national flags and sport teams all use color to broadcast subliminal messages. I’ll teach you how to interpret these messages and unlock how and why we are attracted to what we are.

My angels, remember we are all LIGHT. We are all Light Beings with different frequencies running through us. Can’t wait to connect and delve into this with you all!

Thank you for allowing me to support you on your spiritual journey.


When: Tuesday, October 25th, 2022

Time: 7- 9:30 pm EST (recording will be made available + access to portal)

Where: Zoom 

2 1/2 hour workshop with special activation to your "Color Vision"

**BONUS: meditation + attunement + downloadable printable guides + access to portal )

This course is FOR ALL - Seekers, Healers, Designers, Artists, Teachers, Entrepreneurs.


What People Are Saying:

“It is my awesome experience with Janet that inspires me to say that any course with her guidance that you select to engage upon, it will be transformational. What I admire the most is her vibration, energy, sense of realness and humor that’s interwoven into all elements presented. She’s nuanced, layered, extremely intuitive and relatable. Janet has the natural ability to “be with” you through it all. It’s like holding her hand and leaping without a concern, knowing that the journey and the destination that awaits is pure clarity, growth, healing and bliss. Once you walk with her, you will be beyond pleased that you did.“

- TONY RICH Grammy Award winning singer-song writer and producer

$111.00 USD

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