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If you're ready to delve deeper in your spiritual journey check out the Soul Star Membership - I am there live 2x a month, doing LIVE healings, and channellings, and we have wonderful global teachers who share their knowledge with the group as well.  As a member, you receive first dibs on all classes and retreat invites as well as so many other perks.  Use code JN10 at checkout to receive 10% off (monthly or annual).




I’m Janet Namaste - a lifelong Intuitive guide, spiritual channeler, healer, hypnotherapist, numerologist, and empowerment life coach.

I was born with a gift of clairvoyance, clairaudience, claircognizance, and clairsentience. With over 20 years of professional experience, I’ve had the privilege of helping thousands of people just like you create massive shifts in their lives.

I love sharing my divine gifts and seeing people step into their power to begin living their most extraordinary lives.



Raise Voice

"When you silence the chatter of the mind you will hear the whisper of the Divine. It lives between each inhale and exhale, between each beat of your beautiful heart.

What they're saying

“Over the last 18 + years I have met many teachers, intuitives, healers, psychics, etc., and very few stand out as authentic, truthful, and truly connected to Source. Janet Namaste is one of those few. She is truly a gift to those who work with her, as her deep connection to Source, her absolute integrity and always speaking the truth with compassion is rare. Janet is gifted in so many ways, and a joy to work with, and honored to call her my dear friend. Do not hesitate to work with her if you receive the Divine opportunity!”

ROB WERGIN, World Renowned Healer

“Janet is a special person. Her wonderful gifts as a coach, healer, and intuitive are well-supported by her down-to-earth realness. She herself has navigated the great challenges of life and learned the art of transforming the greatest difficulties into the most prosperous blessings. It takes a person of great strength to do such a thing, and to help guide others to do the same. Janet is one such person, and a gift to all those she serves.“

JAI DEV, Yogi, Mystic, Internationally renowned teacher, and Founder of the Life-Force Academy

“Janet is one of those rare gems who shine of the real Light that one needs when on a journey towards Clarity and deep Healing: her attunement with the higher Consciousness -due to serious spiritual practice and continuous research - from where all true Guidance and Healing comes, her love, sincerity, generosity, deep knowledge, professionalism and expertise conjugated with profound empathy and innate nourishing gifts, make her a very precious destination we highly recommend.”


Begin Manifesting Your Destiny

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Destiny Blueprint Program

The most powerful thing you can do for the world is to heal yourself and live your life aligned with your true authentic purpose.
This 3 month life-changing program will help you reconnect with your blueprint before you were even born, clear away false beliefs, and help you realign with your divine soul purpose. 
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Soul Star Membership


Our sacred community gives you the guidance, tools, & teachings that will serve you as your home base for spiritual growth. 
Each month I hold space for you to connect to your higher self through live channeling and healing attunements. Plus you get access to workshops, meditations, and more to continue on your spiritual growth.
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Modern Mystic School

Dive deeper and learn how to connect with your soul’s unique calling, increase your intuition, welcome inner peace, and find more purpose in your life.
This in depth Modern Mystic School will up level your consciousness and awaken your hidden talents so you could share it with the world.  Complete 3 courses in entirety and it automatically qualifies you to apply to be a candidate for the Conscious Healer's Academy.
Delve into Spirituality

If your heart has been on a quest for soulful inspiration and guidance, then this podcast is for you. Join Janet as she helps you awaken your hidden talents and gifts that you are destined to share with the world. Listen to powerful stories and teachings from World Renowned Healers and Global Change Makers that will certainly raise your vibrations as you journey through your destined path.
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If you have been searching for the keys to unlock your true divine happiness + destined path, then schedule a call with me.

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