Delve deeper into the wisdom of your soul with one of my online courses. Whether your heart is curious or you’ve been studying the esoteric mysticism for years, enroll in one or more of my courses that will inspire you and deepen your quest for spiritual growth & wisdom.

If you have been searching for a place to begin or continue on the path of your soul’s evolution, these courses will up level your consciousness and awaken your hidden talents, so you can share with the world.

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This Masterclass is for ALL levels, from beginner to expert. If you are a coach, a healer, or a seeker, you will find great value in expanding on your existing innate knowledge of Numerology.

You will learn how to read the patterns of birthday's, special events, and even compatibility between you and all your relationships.  

Book Now: $333


In this masterclass you will learn how to connect with the Angelic Kingdom. Discover how to harness your intuitive and spiritual abilities,  receive guidance the angels have to offer, and utilize from their high vibrational energy into all aspects of your life.

Each module will help you develop an understanding of archangels, meet your Guardian Angel, and communicate with Angels and Guides.

Book Now: $397


This is a 4 Module Intensive where you will learn the healing properties of numerous crystals and how you can utilize them as potent healing tools. 

1. Learn how to properly choose the stone which is best to aid you in this moment no matter what you journey you are embarked in. 

2. Discover how to pick the right crystals that will attune to your soul's highest potential energy. Each time you work with your specific grid you will re-energize and balance your chakras and auric field.

3. Discover step-by step methods of how to clear, properly sanctify and work the crystals for your home and body so you can begin manifesting all that your desire; healing, love, prosperity, and so much more.

Book Now: $249


In this Masterclass, you will learn step-by-step advanced techniques of how to properly protect, clear, and bless your home & environment so you can manifest like nobody’s business…..slate is clear, good vibes are high...It’s time to create sacred happiness and abundance.

We will explore the following:

    • Are you an empath?
    • What is energy?
    • What is the importance of grounding?
    • What is your auric field and how to clear away toxic energies?
    • Step by Step methods of how to clear your space
    • Techniques you can use to balance and protect your aura and chakras
    • How can you make your own protection & manifestation crystal grid

Book now: $297


In this relationship masterclass you will discover:

  • How to eradicate self-limiting beliefs
  • How to raise your conscious awareness for True Love so you can love with an open heart
  • Heal the subconscious programs from our ancestors that we are "not enough" into an expanded awareness of infinite power and love that we actually are
  • How to move from the fear & repetitive unhealthy relationships to the healthy and true love relationships
  • How to set healthy boundaries 
  • How to heal & take your power back after a break-up
  • Guided Meditation - Cutting Cords and Opening your Heart for Love

Book Now: $199


✨ The Chromotherapy Masterclass blends physics, psychology and ancient methods of healing so you can learn how to use color and light to transform your life. ⚡️

You will learn:

✧How to unlock the code of success, happiness, love, and wealth utilizing the frequency of colors

✧To interpret colors so you can enhance your life, your home, finances, relationships, and your destiny!
✧Specific color visualization techniques to uplift your auric field so you can attract what your soul desires.

✧How to balance your mental, spiritual, and emotional field using colors so you can be aligned with your true essence + your own color vibration

✧The specific crystals, essential oils and sound frequencies that are needed to be aligned with your soul’s blueprint. 

✧Learn visualization + energy activation techniques that will balance and clear your beautiful colored auric field


BOOK NOW: $111


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