Join Janet Namaste and Michelle Blechner as they lead you on a beautiful hypno and constellation journey.  

 With their nurturing hearts and skillful techniques you will be led in ancestral and systemic constellation work so you can heal and align with your destined journey

Michelle will be leading you on the constellation journey as Janet will guide you in clearing past limiting beliefs and hypno-progression.

You will:

  • Gently uncover hidden subconscious programs that may have kept you stuck so that you can integrate this as your powerful tool rather than a hidden hindrance. 
  • Participate in a group constellation so you can empower your own destiny and future generations on a collective level as you move beyond generational patterns
  • Become the alchemist of you life as you acknowledging what is and begin with progression work to transform any existing patterns from detrimental to useful
  • Have the opportunity to heal ancestral subconscious + cultural trauma so you can open the doors of new potentiality
  • Align with your future highest potential through a progression journey.


DATE: Tuesday, March 21st 2023

TIME: 7-10pm est  

Exchange - $75



Miami - Modern OM - April 4th 7pm - Past Life Regression. - Healing Ancestral Trauma






We’ve gone through a remarkable time in history - everything around us is shifting - the world we knew has undergone a massive transformation and continues to do so. 

Many of us are feeling a call for something greater from within during these times. A longing for more - a yearning for something greater in our lives - a desire to actualize potential. 

Yet there’s something misaligned to get us there…

For those of us who are being called upon it feels like we’re walking in two worlds

This might feel like confusion


A sacred crossroads

A greater call to our souls into our dharma or sacred purpose work

Feeling frozen in place; not knowing the next step - maybe not even having the words to describe

Feeling isolated or alone

Lacking community that truly understands this time; this place; this confusion because nothing makes sense anymore.

If this is resonating you’ve landed in the exact place to support your soul’s evolution for the planet. 

It takes each of us Awakening into our true nature and purpose

It takes cultivating Awareness of the divinity we walk with

It takes the embodied Emergence of our dharma through us

It takes Empowerment to walk with this purpose out into the world.


Welcome to The Soul Evolution Retreat

This Soul Evolution Retreat is a powerful 4 day journey  for it will awaken your supernatural healing abilities.   It is my deepest passion to ignite this potential within you and help you discover your inherit gifts as we reunited with soul family + creating life long connections.

You will be journeying through past lives and future lives (YEP…future lives) and in addition delving in and learning how to navigate your innate intuitive ability.

You will experience:

How to sense/see/balance your auric field + see the auras of others

Learn different healing and energy protection methods that will balance your entire chakra system that will empower you day after day.

Techniques to shift your timeline using quantum healing

Sound frequency healing sound baths 

Yoga, delicious ayurvedic curated food, fresh mountain air, energy vortexes and so MUCH more… 

So meet your soulmates, meet your future self, heal family ancestral karma, connect with your soul tribe that will just get YOU.

This retreat will connect you to all the senses helping you clear and heal any stagnant energy that is no longer aligned with this New World or with where you desire to go.

DATES: May 18th - May 21st   -  Click here for more info


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About Janet:

Janet Namaste is a life-long Intuitive guide, spiritual channeler, healer, hypnotherapist, and an empowerment life coach.

Born with an extra sensory gift of clairvoyance, clairaudience, claircognizance, and clairsentience. With over 20 years of professional experience, she has had the privilege of helping thousands of people just like you create massive shifts in their lives.

Janet loves sharing her divine gifts and seeing people step into their power to begin living their most extraordinary life.