Hi As of March 3, 2023, Janet's calendar is completely booked up for year.  If you want to be notified when her scheduler opens up again for 1:1 sessions.  Please fill your information in and we will contact you. 

If you are interested in working with her this year, you can join the Soul Star Community where she shares her channelings and healings amongst other sacred modalities.

Are you in need of clarity and positive life changing guidance in your life?
In this session, you will receive direction, inspiration and empowerment directly from your Guides and Angels. 
The messages will always be related to your present life, with the objective of helping and guiding you in the best way possible.
During the session, I will connect and tune into your blueprint and connect to the Angels and Guides and relay the significant messages that are coming through for you. There’s always a wide array of what this intuitive coaching session may include; such as past lives, relationships, career, life purpose, education, lifestyle, soul contracts and your personal development on a soul level.
It isn’t just an intuitive reading but a coaching one as well. At the end of the session you will be able to integrate all the pertinent messages that came through will know how to use it to empower and benefit your life.
waitlist: $450
Through a process of relaxation and regression techniques, you can have the opportunity to discover extraordinary details about your past and release old phobias and fears from prior lifetimes. Hidden in your subconscious and soul memory are roots of our natural strengths, talents but also live the memory of our fears and apprehensions.  These fears were due to any traumatic life experiences or past conditioning upbringing.  Going to the root of the lesson will allow access for you to free this limitation that you have been experiencing presently.


Trained by world renowned, Dr. Brian Weiss, I will lead you to a sacred place that will allow you to relax, heal, and uncover any past memory that you are ready for.  I was blessed almost 20 years ago to have met Dr. Weiss and had my own personal experience uncovered and healed.   Because of him, I am eternally grateful and on my life path’s journey.  Since then, I have trained and practiced regression therapy with thousands of clients and each could attest that the healing that occurs is extraordinary.  Some people fear regression because they think it will uncover something that they are not ready for.  Spirit/Soul will not allow that.  Healing begins when you give permission to let go of what no longer serves you and this method is a graceful one.




During the guided healing regression, you will have an opportunity to:

  • Learn about your past lives and who you are
  • Find out your purpose in life
  • Resolve emotional and health issues
  • Receive guidance when making important decisions
  • Understand and heal the relationships with your family and friends
  • Understand about your soul mates
  • Healing pain from past trauma
  • Overcoming fears and anxiety
  • Developing a new awareness of your abilities and natural strengths
  • Gaining a deeper understanding of the challenges in your life
  • Creating positive thoughts that benefit your health
waitlist: $650

Regression & Progression Session

It’s time to commit to your own healing. And begin to take responsibility for your own happiness.

This session is perfect for YOU if you heard yourself saying lately…” Here we go again…”. Every single experience in our life has been recorded in our psyche, our body, and in our souls. These memories make up of all that we are today. Journey to Inner Peace unlocks emotional and physical barriers that were self-sabotaging for decades. JIP breaks any self-sabotaging pattern that has been destructive and gets you off the hamster wheel that you were on for years. You will be able to recognize, uproot and clear out the old incorrect patterns that inadvertently became part of your subconscious programming. When we play our emotional stories repeatedly it’s harmful to our well-being. Every time we repeat our stories, whether within our own mind or out loud, we stir up emotions that flood every single cell in our body. Our cells don’t know whether your story happen a second ago or 20 years ago and then you begin the vicious emotional cycle again. It may not even be our truth anymore or we have discovered that we were living out other people’s perceptions of what their view of our lives should be. In a very comfortable and chill state, you will be able to access stored cellular memory that caused blockages within your path. Gently with love, forgiveness, regression, and progression you will begin to release all that doesn’t serve you anymore. Healing begins instantaneously in its own accord with your soul’s permission.
You will have direct access to be able to listen to your own body’s inner wisdom and connect to your intuitive ability. JIP is such a powerful session where you become united with your soul’s calling. You finally set free all limiting beliefs that were taught to us by our families, cultures, society, friends, media, old relationships, etc. Having removed the old programming in your subconscious you will create room for new, healthier choices and beliefs that become your natural way of being. In turn, a happier, freer life filled with your truth, your healing, your love, peace of mind, healthy relationships and your liberation.
  • Clears out any old pattern that became part of your subconscious program.
  • Gets you off the hamster wheel.
  • Aligns you with your truth and soul calling.
  • Opens brand new opportunities for you.
  • Sets free any limiting beliefs that were taught to us by family, culture, society, and past relationships.
  • Heals old emotional wounds that were an obstacle for years.
  • Experience forgiveness and liberation.

If you have already experience the DESTINY PROGRAM you can SCHEDULE  the JIP HERE

waitlist: $650
Every year around the time of your birthday, brand new opportunities and cosmic lessons are presented to you from the Universe.
Through meditation, connecting with your Guides, and your Higher Self we will uncover all the important opportunities that are waiting for you to experience throughout the next 12 months.
You will discover the key players and situations that your soul signed up for a long time ago.
This reading will provide you with an accurate road map for the upcoming year. Whenever we resist any change and/or growth we experience unnecessary distress.
We will focus in on any challenges or obstacles that may be on your path and show you the best way your soul could grow from these situations.
This knowledge will allow you to go through your lessons with grace rather than judgment.
You will be super equipped with your own tools to make the right decisions for your soul and pass all your tests with flying colors and happiness!
Remember, your Free Will is sacred. You are always in charge of your choices and ultimately, your destiny.
If you have already experience the DESTINY PROGRAM you can SCHEDULE YOUR BIRTHDAY SESSION HERE 
waitlist: $650


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